Untersiggenthal / Switzerland

The Modell Bau Zirkel Basel organized, for the 28th time, the World-Cup.

The 2008 contest was again held in Untersiggenthal. The site is located in the north-west part of Switzerland. At a distance of 20 miles from Zürich, this facility is dedicated to Bob Palmer and called "Bob Palmer circle in respect to this wonderful man, who did so much for our hobby. (He was invited and flew a Thunderbird at the inauguration in 1997.)

The MBZB World-Cup is always well visited. This time we had contestants from eleven nations. (The pilot who came from the most far place was Paul Logan from New Zeeland. He participated at the worlds in France and took the opportunity to fly our contest too.)

On August 16th and 17th 29 the pilots experienced from time to time quite turbulent conditions. The high performance level of the pilots, with their beautiful "artwork , was a pleasure to watch. No crashes had to be seen. Only a small "kiss of the ground during a square loop of Lauri Malila from Finland was seen. Alex Schrek (The winner of our contest and 4th on the worlds) catch the plane, which had a damaged landing gear, in a Torero-like manner. (See picture)

The "Body talk special price was not easy to give. Every pilot has a different body-, face-behavior at full concentration during the flight and to pick the most original one was tough for the female "Watching-team lead by Monique Berger. This time the winner was Yves Fernandez who came back to fly a contest after a break of many years. (His P47 is a real beauty.)

At the World-Cup contest the "Baden-Wuertemberg championship was included as well. The last few years it was flown near Konstanz, on a nice place called Bodman, but because the site was not available our friends from Germany asked to include their championship into our competition. It was nice because we could congratulate two champions.

The contest director was Peter Hofacker, the president of the MBZ Basel. The field set-up was done by René Berger, together with a great team of helpers.

The performance level of the pilots and airplanes is very high and as we observe still increasing. This means the task for the judges is getting more and more difficult.

I am still waiting for a 3 camera system in the center of the circle with a 360 field of view and a computerized program. Should calculate the % in deviation from the pattern. Something like in Tennis where in doubt the exact positions can be seen. / The maximum deviation in % could be a maximum of 100% / Hi . . hi . .! e.g. no T/O at all . . funny . . .isn"t it?

After this excursion into an eventual future, let"s be serious again and look at the trend of the planes and pilots.

Youngsters and new stuff is challenging the well grown-ups on top of the lists. Since quite a while suitable plane set-ups are still performing very well and the new strong power trains are showing their advantages best in difficult weather. Evolution, based on experience is shown. Fascinating how this category of model airplane is evolving. Electric has been adapted to our needs too and is showing a trend for the future. With careful handling and real good knowledge of what"s going on with this moving electrons cut fingers and other surprises can be held to a minimum.

In the beginner category we had only two contestants, which means the new generation need to be more present and to have a continuation of this so thrilling model flying category. Thomas Megert won in front of Paul Gerber who had some problems with his sideways mounted engine.

On our contest East-European planes, with their characteristic look, performed as expected well and if somebody doesn"t have time to build himself the take-apart and finished model is a very good, but expensive solution.

The new strong engines are looking very reliable and performing as expected. I am curious to watch in few years the trend of the 90-cc engines vs. electric. (I personally miss on electric the extremely nice sound of a "normal engine!)
Like the power trains the grown-up pilots defend very well against the youngsters. It takes time till, even with plenty of talent, a youngster is up in the rankings. (See ranking please)

The winners MBZB World-Cup

First: Alex Schrek
Sec.: Alberto Maggi
Third: Richi Kornmeier

The winners BW Meisterschaft

First : Richi Kornmeier
Sec.: Claus Maikis
Third: Michael Binner

A nice go together with wonderful friends, like Geza and Alice Egervary, Werner Koelliker and many, many more special people, on Saturday evening in the big tent having, the "Pastas Especial prepared by Vreni Salathe and the great kitchen staff lead by Esther Gafner, gave us the opportunity to refresh friendship, talk past time and of course about model airplanes. Not to forget also the welcome Apero on Friday evening from Monique who served a Kir-Royal (Champagne and Cassis-Liqueur) and home made cake made with goat cheese plus olives. The judges did an outstanding job and a big:
"Thank you! goes to Louis Van der Hout (N), Franz Oberhuber(A) und Georg Biber(CH)

With this nice picture I like to close this report about a wonderful contest, which I hope will remain in good memories.

Rene Berger / September 20th 2008
Pictures: Claudia Kehnen

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